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Front view of Grandstream GXP1620

Grandstream GXP1620

Free Phone

The GXP1620 is a very popular choice for modern businesses looking to get the most out of their VoIP service. 

2 Lines
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Please choose an area code from the menu above, we will use your choice to assign a number to your phone automatically. You will be given the opportunity to pick a number of your own choice before checking out.

Porting an Existing Phone Number

If you already have a telephone number with another provider that you wish to 'port' to your Usomo account please still choose an area code as we will need to assign a temporary number to your account.

It is possible to port most UK Landline numbers starting with (01, 02 and 03) into a Usomo account however we recommend contacting us on 03333 441 441 to check that your number is portable before continuing.

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We have added the item to your basket you can now continue to the basket to checkout or alternatively contine to browse our range of producs. When you are ready to checkout just click the shopping trolley icon at the bottom left of your browser.

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UK Anywhere 1000

1000 UK Anywhere
Upfront Cost £23.99 per Month
  • 1000 UK Anywhere Minutes
  • UK Landline Calls Included
  • UK Mobile Calls Included
  • 0845 & 0870 Included
  • Choice of free Phones

Perfect for established businesses looking for a flexible call package that will allow inclusive calls to most UK phone numbers and competition beating rates to international destinations.

NOTE: Our contracts are 24 months in length but can be cancelled at any time you wish. If contracts are cancelled before 24 months has been reached, customers will be required to either return the phone or purchase it from us.

Package Features

Your service with us includes these great features and more at no additional cost. For a full list of included features click here.

Call Recording

Call Recording allows you to keep a searchable record of all calls received on your account for up to 6 years. Call Recording is a free feature for all subs...

Call Recording Icon

Call Recording

What does it do?

Enabling Call Recording creates a searchable database of your inbound and outbound phone calls. All calls are stored for 1 year, though for an additional cost you can choose to store them for 6 years.

How can this benefit me?

  • No need to purchase expensive recording equipment
  • Access an easily searchable online archive
  • 1 Year Call Retention as standard, 6 year Option available
  • Real time back-up of data
  • Limitless recordings

How do I set it up?

Select the ‘Call Recording’ menu in your control panel, then click ‘Add Call Recording'.

How does it work?

When a call is complete, it will be stored in a database which can be accessed via your control panel by simply clicking ‘Call Recording’. From here, you can search for calls made on a particular date, to a specific extension, or from a particular number.

Advanced Settings

Choose the ‘Settings’ option if you’d like to specify whether you record all calls made to and from your account, or if you’d like to specify which numbers or extensions you would like to record.

Call Director - IVR

With Call Director you can quickly and easily create interactive menus to direct callers to the correct department or individual. Call Director is a free fe...

Call Director Icon

Call Director - IVR

What does it do?

Call Director presents customers with a menu of choices when they dial your telephone number. For example, Press 1 for sales.

How can this benefit me?

  • Increase the perception of professionalism
  • Simplify the customer contact experience
  • Reduce the amount of time wasted transferring calls
  • Free access to a range of professional recordings

How do I set it up?

Step 1.

Select the 'Call Director' menu in your control panel, then 'Add a new menu'.

Step 2.

Choose the prompt you’d like to play, and which selection number you’d like associated with it.

Step 3.

Once you have a menu, you’ll be able to set where the IVR appears in your routing by clicking the option underneath ‘Routing’.

Advanced Settings

Our advanced settings allow you to do things like choose the number of times to repeat the menu before something else happens, or choose the number of seconds to wait for a customer to press a button. If you’re looking for something which isn’t provided in our Professional Voice Recording Database, you can either upload your own audio file, or make an order request to the same professional voice artist who recorded our original database.

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Grandstream GXP1620 VoIP Deskphone

The GXP1620 is a very popular choice for modern businesses looking to get the most out of their VoIP service. 

Grandstream GXP1620 Product Details

The GXP1620 is Grandstream’s standard IP phone for small businesses. This Linux-based model features 2 lines, 3 XML programmable soft keys, HD audio and 3-way conferencing. An 132 x 48 LCD screen creates a clear display for easy viewing. Dual 10/100mb network ports, Electronic Hook Switch support for Plantronics headsets and call-waiting allows the GXP1620 to be a high quality, user-friendly and dependable IP phone.


The GXP1620 features a customisable 132 x 48 pixel screen. The screen shows important information, for example date and time, network status, a company logo and a status bar which allows you to view various settings on the phone. The phone features an active and idle screen.

There are three soft keys which can be assigned specific functions (for example Missed Calls and Redial). The keypad is simple to navigate and provides easy access to menus and lists within the phone.


The GXP1620 has a HD wideband headset and superb full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation and excellent double-talk performance

Extra Features

  • All telephones purchased on a Usomo Pay Monthly contract will arrive preconfigured with your VoIP details, ensuring phone set up is quick and easy.
  • Ability to host a 3-way conference call with 2 other parties.
  • A phone book with up to 500 contacts and call history with up to 200 records.
  • Local weather and currencty conversion.
  • Personalised music ring tone/ ring back tone.
  • Wall Mountable.

Features List

  • 2 Lines

    2 Lines

    Easily adapt your telephony service according to the size of your business.

    2 Lines

    Multiple Lines provide you with a cost effective business solution, allowing you to adapt your telephony service depending on size and nature of inbound calls.

    How does it help my business?

    One of the most important features of a communications system is flexibility. Multiple lines mean it is possible to have one line going into your business but have several different telephone numbers, allowing traffic to be directed to a specific number. This is particularly useful for separate business features or marketing campaigns as you can direct or monitor calls accordingly.

    One main advantage is that you can add more lines or give each extension an individual phone number according to the size of your business, adding or removing lines as required. When in use, you are alerted to incoming phonecalls on each different line and can place one customer on hold whilst dialling out from a different line or answer an alternative incoming call.

  • Speakerphone


    Perfect if you're after an impromptu conference or can't pick up the handset.


    Enjoy hands-free conversations at the touch of a button using the speakerphone feature. With a microphone and loudspeaker, the phone allows several people to speak within one conversation, while the loudspeaker projects the voice of the recipient. A user can switch from receiver to speakerphone any time during an active call using the corresponding button on their keypad or screen.

    Types of speakerphone

    Speakerphones use two different systems - full-duplex or half-duplex. The phones Usomo provide are full-duplex, meaning everyone is able to speak and be heard at the same time.

  • Call Transfer

    Call Transfer

    Transfer calls easily with a dedicated call transfer button.

    Call Transfer

    Need to transfer a call to a colleague?

    Relocate your customer calls through to a different number or extension. During an active call simply press the transfer key, dial the desired number and press send.

  • Conference Calling

    Conference Calling

    Hold an impromptu conversation with two or more other parties.

    Conference Calling

    Conference calls are an essential and cost effective method of communicating with your colleagues or customers.

    How does it help my business?

    Coordinate your meetings, arrange instant conferences or hold quick consultations between colleagues in either the same office or in geographically different locations. Conference calls save time and minimize the use of resources whilst increasing productivity.


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