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Share your Opinion & we'll Donate £2 to Grace House Children's Hospice

To celebrate our partnership with independent review service Trustpilot, we're donating £2 to Grace House for every review we receive.

Share your Opinion & we'll Donate £2 to Grace House Children's Hospice


We're dedicated to maintaining the highest level of customer service, and to help achieve this, we've partnered with Independent Review Service Trustpilot to help us gather reviews.

To celebrate our partnership with Trustpilot, we're donating £2 to Grace House.

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Customer opinions really matter to us, and our potential customers. If you've experienced any problems, we'd really appreciate a chance to put things right. Our technical support team can be contacted on 03333 441 441.

As a thank you for leaving a review- good or bad- we'll donate £2 to Grace House Children's Hospice for each review we receive.

The Usomo Team

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Using your included features

A brief overview of the features included with Usomo business VoIP.

Using your included features

Messaging While Routing

Your Usomo pay monthly business VoIP package doesn't just include a number and handset. Each order includes a range of additional features as standard

Our most popular feature is Call Recording. Once you select to activate this within your account, your inbound and outbound calls will be recorded and added to a fully searchable database for 1 year.

Activating IVR allows you to provide customers with an unlimited list of menus to ensure that they reach the correct department, or just to make your business appear more professional and bigger.

If you need assistance using any of the features included with your account, please don't hesitate to drop us an email, or call our technical support on 03333441441


Usomo in the Telegraph

Read our recent article as featured in the Telegraph Business Technology Magazine

Usomo in the Telegraph


In Focus: Calling Through the Internet

In the modern, competitive climate, many businesses are converting to VoIP (voice over internet protocol) to help them reduce cost while increasing capability and flexibility. VoIP is a good choice for SME’s and corporates alike, providing rich features and enabling new ways of operating.

Despite the obvious advantages, many haven’t adopted VoIP and hesitate when faced with making the jump. The most common reasons for delaying adoption are risk, complexity and the expected quality of calls.

At Usomo, we’re trying to address some of the perceived challenges by packaging our services into a single monthly cost per handset, with inclusive minutes, no capital investment and a 30-day commitment-free trial. We’re confident in our service and technology, and the trial period offers peace of mind for our customers.

The service model we’ve chosen is similar to the way UK mobile networks operate – with a few key differences. Unlike the retail mobile market, we provide a fully managed service so, if a device fails, we replace it next business day – regardless of the manufacturer’s warranty period. As a cloud- based provider we are more focused on delivering features within our service, rather than relying on handset capability – so features such as call recording, time of day routing, call menus and queuing are all delivered within our core platform.

We’re passionate about changing the way the market operates for VoIP and, although our model is unique in the marketplace today, we believe we’re leading where our competition will inevitably follow.


Usomo launch new way to use VoIP

Explore how Usomo's new product can help you do better business.

Usomo launch new way to use VoIP

Usomo Small Logo

New way of using VoIP

As a cloud based communications provider, Usomo offer a completely unique way of purchasing a VoIP telephone system. We believe that companies of all sizes should be able to experience the simplicity and reliability of a VoIP service using a range of feature-rich phones. Our innovative business model provides customers with the latest phones available on a single monthly contract. Each desk phone has a choice of tariffs and is preconfigured for ease of use and installation.

We understand the importance of securing a phone system that adapts as your business grows whilst providing you with the tools to reduce communication costs. At Usomo however, we believe that VoIP has far more benefits that ensure you maintain a professional image whilst ensuring your customer's high expectations are met.

Features and Packages

In order to address some of the perceived challenges associated with VoIP, we have packaged our services into a single monthly cost per service with inclusive minutes and a choice of free handsets, with the ability to upgrade. There are three call tariffs, each for 18 months. Once you've chosen a tariff and a handset you can assign a number to the phone or transfer your existing number across to us – removing the inconvenience of changing area codes should your business move premises.

All phones are shipped preconfigured with the selected number and correct settings so that set-up is as straightforward as possible, reducing the possibility of compatibility or installation issues.

One particular advantage of a VoIP system is the ability to work remotely and forward calls directly from your VoIP desk phone onto a second device or mobile phone. This gives you the capability to answer calls regardless of where you are, or set-up an office in an alternative location.

All Usomo customers have access to the extensive range of platform features, including; Call Recording, IVR Menus, Time of Day Routing and Call Queuing.

Service and Security

Our innovative business model utilises the simplicity of a single monthly payment whilst offering customers the security of a fully managed service. This means if there is a fault or a device fails then we will replace it the next business day, regardless of the manufacturer's warranty period.

Each handset comes with a 30 day commitment-free trial so that it is possible to test the service without any risk. If for any reason the service isn't quite right for a particular business, the device can simply be returned with no further obligation. Such a guarantee therefore protects our customers and makes our service as user-friendly and convenient as possible.


As a cloud based provider, our emphasis is still on delivering the best possible features within our core platform. While we offer an excellent range of VoIP phones, we believe that the power of VoIP lies in the ability to control and customise your service as your business grows and adapts. As a result, the service we provide is constantly evolving and all developments are implemented so they are available to our customers as quickly as possible.

Our customers love us
Our customers love us 19 Nov
excellent service and great customer help very happy with the product and very helpful. VOIP is a minefield without someone on the end of the phone to help you Read more Eric Frances
Our customers love us 11 Nov
Outstanding customer service and excellent Website to help you move to VOIP I finally decided to move to a VOIP phone for my business owing to the high charges imposed by the leading telecoms provider. I had used USOMO before and the quality of service I experienced before was excel... Read more Mark Dant
Our customers love us 25 Oct
Reliable service with customer support that understands our particular needs. The service we receive from Usomo is truly brilliant, but more importantly when things go wrong we know that we can count on their friendly and professional staff to expedite our issues. All the best from... Read more 100004140069435
Our customers love us 30 May
Does what is says on the tin Its nice to know that in this day and age there is still a company that does what it says. We were having problems with our previous supplier who changed ownership. The problems could not get sorted which... Read more Barry Smith
Our customers love us 24 May
Cool company, exactly what I needed Having used their PAYG services I recently moved over to a contract... Fast deliver on handset and they transferred my PAYG number, it took a bit of time but got done with no fuss! All in all a great supplier! Read more Nick Watts
Our customers love us 12 Apr
Efficient, helpful well run Company The assistance in getting my voip set up and working was second to none. In addition if you buy your Voip phone from Usomo they will set it all up for you. I made the mistake of buying it elsewhere. Neverthe... Read more Marysa De Veer
Our customers love us 25 Mar
excellent Although my purpose was not reached to its goal, but the way I was dealt was excellent. Read more M.s. Akhtar
Our customers love us 20 Mar
excellent service value for money easy installation, and registration process to use the services that you require, well laid out, and in terms that are straight forward Thanks Read more Customer
Our customers love us 01 Mar
Fantastic Value for money This is a very efficeint service and for very good value. Thank God we don't have to buy a fax machine!! Read more Mike Spratt
Our customers love us 05 Feb
So Far Very good Just started using is and had good response from support Read more A Smith
Our customers love us 31 Jan
Great service and support Would definitely use again Read more Ben Iceton
Out customers love us 30 Jan
I know I am not generous Honestly, I enjoy your service and your customer service is beyond greatness. Please accept my little gift of Four Stars. Many Thanks. Sharif Read more Mohamed Sharif
Our customers love us 15 Jun
Excellent Service We have only been using their service for a few months but so far have found it very easy to use and much more scalable than BT for our business needs Read more David Pinel
Our customers love us 17 Mar
Excellent I found this form of faxing ideal as I use e-mail regularly but do not have a fax machine and my friend in Australia only ever uses fax, was not computerised, did not use e-mail and was adament that she was n... Read more Julia Farish
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