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Siemens Cordless

Things You Need To Know:

VoIP Username; Password:

Find this by going to the 'My Numbers' section of your account, and clicking on the number you'd like to connect to. The username and password details are at the bottom of the page, under 'VoIP Settings.'

The Phone's IP Address:

On the phone, press Menu > Settings > Base > Network

You'll be prompted to enter a Pin, the Default System Pin is 0000. Scroll to 'IP Address'

Remove any leading zeros from the IP address, for example if a section is 101.0063. this will become 101.63.

Configuring your Phone

Open your web browser and enter the IP address. When prompted for a Pin at the login screen, enter 0000.

Click Menu > Settings > Telephony > Connections. Click Edit next to the profile you'd like to use with Usomo (usually #1)

On the Settings Screen, click Select a VoIP Provider > Great Britain > Other

Person Provider Data

Enter the following;

Username: Your VoIP Username

Authentication Username: Your VoIP Username

Authentication Password: Your VoIP Password

Proxy Server Port, Registrar Server Port, Outbound Proxy Port

Change these from 5060 to 8060 and click 'Set'

Once you're taken back to the configuration screen, you may see 'Service not Accessible', this is completely normal and will resolve by waiting 5-10 seconds and refreshing your browser.

Your phone will now operate, however it is important to change the following settings in order to optimise the phone's performance.

Click Menu > Settings > Telephony > Advanced Settings

  • Under DTMF over VoIP, untick all boxes and tick RFC 2833
  • Set 'Use Random Ports' to yes
  • Change the SIP Port Range from 8060 to 8076
  • Click the 'Set' button
  • Click the 'Logout' button on the Gigaset Web Configurator