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30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We appreciate that changing a phone system is a big decision to take, and you'll want to make sure you get it right. That's why we offer our customers the opportunity to return any Pay Monthly product that they're not happy with within 30 days of the original order. Naturally, we'll expect you to pay for the first month service charge, but, once returned, you'll be released from any contractual obligation.

Try VoIP Risk-Free

Our unique guarantee allows you to test drive the benefits and reliability of VoIP, at no risk to yourself. We've not heard of another guarantee quite like it, but if you're not happy with your new phone system, then neither are we.

How it Works

In short, any device can be returned within 30 days as long as it is in saleable condition. If the device isn't in saleable condition, we'll write to you to agree an applicable charge. If the device is returned in saleable condition, you'll only pay your first monthly charge, and for any calls made above your tariff limit. Once we've received the phone and all payments have been made, we'll return any one-off payment made for the phone, and will release you from any contractual obligation.

Further Infomation

For full details of our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee please read our Terms and Conditions.