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Other Devices

If you don't have an Android or iOS device, generally the settings below will work on most alternative applications.

Your Usomo username and password for your device can be found by clicking on the relevant number or extension in the "My Numbers" section of the website.

In the settings below, we have used the generic name for each of the settings. However, some handsets may label these differently. For example, some VoIP handsets refer to the User Name as a Phone Number, or Extension Number.

It is also increasingly common that handsets don't have a specific setting for the port number. If this is the case with your handset, change the Server / Domain below to read

Generic Settings

  • Server/Domain:
  • User Name: Your VoIP Username
  • Authentication Name: Your VoIP Username
  • Password: Your VoIP password
  • Transport type: UDP
  • Port: 8060

If these general settings below won't work for you then please get in touch with us via either 03333441441 or