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Acrobits for iOS


Step 1: Installing Acrobits from the Apple Store

To configure your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or other iOS device, you need the Acrobits App- you'll find this in the Apple Store.

  • First start the Apple Store and search for Acrobits.
  • Select install and then OK to accept the requested permissions.
  • Acrobits Will now be downloaded and installed automatically.

Step 2: Linking your Usomo Account

In the Application Settings, go to the the Edit SIP Account section. Change the following:

  • Title: Anything you would like
  • Username: Voip Username
  • Password: Voip Password
  • Domain:
  • Display Name: Anything you would like
  • Advanced Settings
  • Incoming calls: On with Background
  • NAT Traversal: off
  • Transport Protocol: UDP

Step 3: Setting your Incoming Call Options

If your device supports multi-tasking (using iOS 4+ on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch 3G/4G) then you can enable reliable incoming calls with Acrobits running in the background on your device. Go to your Usomo Profile Settings in the App. Select Incoming Calls and then Background.


Step 4:

This will present you with 'Backgrounding Options'. Select this, and then "Try Acrobits".