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3CX For Android

PLEASE NOTE: the 3CX smartphone app is no longer compatible with our service.


Step 1: Installing 3CX from Google Play

3CX is used by many of our VoIP customers and can be setup and installed within just a few moments and best of all it's free!

  • First start Google Play (Android Market on older devices) and search for 3CX Softphone.
  • Select install and then OK to accept the requested permissions.
  • 3CX Will now be downloaded and installed automatically.

Step 2: Entering your Credentials

After downloading 3CX from the Google App store, enter the following information into the settings section:

  • User: Voip username
  • ID: Voip username
  • Password: Voip password
  • Server Settings:
  • I am out of the office – Ticked
  • Local PBX:
  • PBX port: 8060
  • STUN Server:
  • Other Settings > Advanced:
  • Local SIP Port: 8062
  • NAT Helper - Ticked

Step 3: Checking configuration has been successful

Once correctly installed, "On Hook" will appear on the main screen. Whilst we allow two registrations per username, we recommend only registering one device per VoIP username.