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Problems Receiving a Fax

Step One

Firstly, you can check that the fax was sent to you successfully:

Check the 'Received Fax Log' in your Account.

Log into Your Account > My Numbers > View Received Faxes

If the fax does not show in this log, there has been a problem with transmission by the sender. We recommend that you contact the sender to verify your Fax Number etc. If the fax shows in this log, it can be worth double checking that the email address associated with the number is correct. If the email address is correct, and you can see the fax in the log, there is a problem with the email getting filtered out at some point.

Step Two

Check the SPAM folder of the email registered to your fax account. If our emails are in there, remember to 'Mark as Not Spam' to ensure they always go straight to your inbox. If the email isn't being sent to your SPAM folder, it could be possible that your ISP have blocked it before it reached you. If you think this is the case, either contact them to ask, or contact us and we can investigate for you.

Please Note: We have recently found that some mail systems are being hosted by Gmail and, if our mail is being identified as SPAM by Gmail, it is delivered to the SPAM filter in the webmail client, but not sent to any third party mail clients (such as Outlook / Windows Live Mail). If this is the case, you can "whitelist" our address, meaning it will always be delivered to your Inbox. To do this, simply add our support mailbox ( to your contacts in the webmail interface. This will often work with other mail systems as well as those hosted by Gmail.

If You're Still Experiencing Problems

If taking the above steps does not rectify the issues, please don't hesitate to Contact Us