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Problems Sending a Fax

Faxes should be sent in the following format: where XXX is the Fax Number you'd like to send your content to.

If the fax fails, you will receive one of the following errors:

This user is not approved to send faxes through Usomo

This simply means that the email address you have used to send the fax from isn't registered to send faxes on your account. This is easily rectified:

Sign in to Your Account > My Fax Users > New Authorised Sender.

Once the account has been added, they will be able to send faxes.

Not Enough Credit

Whereas receiving faxes is free, to send faxes you'll either need to add credit to use our pay as you go option, or subscribe to a fax plan.

To add Credit, Log in to Your Account > Add Fax/Call Credit.

To add a Call Plan, Log in to Your Account > My Telephone Numbers > Add New Number > Add Fax Service (This process doesn't add a new number.

Error Converting Document

If this error occurs, please check that the file you're sending is compatible with our Service.

Nothing to Fax

If our service doesn't find a suitable attachment to the email you've sent us, this will be the response. Please check that the email has the correct document attached.

If you're not receiving notifications, or your emails are bouncing, please check the following:

Are the notifications being filtered as SPAM?

Are the emails being sent to the right place? ( where XXX is the fax number)

Could your ISP be blocking the notification before it reaches you? You can either check with them or Contact Us if you think this may be the case.