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How to Send a Fax

Things You'll Need

Firstly, you'll either need Credit or a Fax Call Plan on your account. Your registration email address is automatically registered to be able to send faxes. If you'd like to enable other users to send faxes, simply log into your account and go to My Fax Users > New Authorised Sender. Enter the sender's email address, and select a caller ID and whether or not you'd like to include a cover page on faxes sent from this account.

How to Send a Fax

  • Open a new email
  • In the 'To' line, enter the fax number you'd like to send to, followed by, for example
  • If you're sending a fax internationally, simply add the area code (numbers only) to the beginning of the fax number.
  • Attach the file you'd like to send as a fax, and press 'Send'.
  • You'll receive an email from us letting you know that we've received the fax, and a further email when the fax is delivered.

Topping up Credit

To add additional credit to your account, simply log in to Your Account, and Click on 'Add Fax/Call Credit' then follow the prompts.